Friday, August 18, 2017

New WPFD Training Center

by J Macones
Training has always been a priority for the West Paterson Fire Department. When Chief Paul Salomone came up with the idea to fabricate his own training building, there was no stopping him and his brother Joe. The brothers, from Salomone Brothers, Inc. acquired two shipping containers, one forty feet long and the other twenty feet long, and brought them to their shop in Wayne, New Jersey. There they stacked the twenty foot container on top of the forty container and created what would be a one stop shop for many of the department’s training needs.

The building features two pitched roofs for ground ladder operations. One of the roofs sports a four foot square frame where firefighters can practice cutting a hole on a pitched roof from a roof ladder. There is a custom made door system made by the shop’s welders that allows for forcible entry practice on inward and outward swinging doors. Indoor and outdoor stairwells allow for firefighters to stretch handlines. Soon to come is an indoor convertible maze that will allow firefighters to stretch handlines, search for victims, and practice mask confidence drills. One of the building’s most unique features is the side by side windows that allow firefighters to practice using their bail out systems. The windows have a unique closing system that prevents the outside elements from intrusion into the building. Also, a custom made, valved, piping system, allows smoke to be directed to different parts of the building where needed.

Once the building reached its final resting place, the borough’s firefighters spent many hours constructing many of the extra features of the building, as well as painting and woodworking. Last to come is electric service to the building’s lighting and smoke machine and the relocation of a fire hydrant.
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