Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Three Alarm Blaze

Three Alarm Blaze T2ATE36TH-34WOODLAND PARK - Borough firefighters helped to extinguish a three alarm blaze that engulfed a warehouse in Paterson last Thursday night, a fire official said. Woodland Park firefighters helped to extinguish a fire in Paterson last Thursday with this 100 foot tower ladder. The firefighters used their 100 foot tower ladder to direct water from a Paterson fire truck into the side of the building from 21st street, said Assistant Fire Chief Michael Muccio. With their ladder truck out horizontally over a set of railroad tracks, the Woodland Park firefighters pumped water into the burning building for about 4 hours, he said. Paterson firefighters fought the blaze from the other two sides of the building with their fire trucks, Muccio said. Woodland Park responded with the ladder truck at 10:46 p.m., he said. "We did what we could from the outside and we left at 3:48 p.m.," Muccio said. No injuries were reported.

Paterson Deputy Fire Chief Bruce Vander Voort said it took about five hours to extinguish the fire in all because they had to approach propane cylinders in the building carefully to ensure they did not explode. That's not all that was challenging however. "The location of the building made it hard to get apparatus in there," he said. "It was completely fenced off." And because of the "heavy volume" of the blaze, firefighters used their aerial devices to battle the blaze, he said. "Everybody did well," Vander Voort said. "Everybody worked hard. It was a difficult situation."
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