Monday, March 07, 2011

New Jersey State Fire Marshall's March 2011 Bulletin

Safety Smart:
United Laboratories (UL) has launched their "Safety Smart" program online. The site allows children to interact with various lessons including ones on fire safety.

Features include: interactice games, blogs, and a photo wall. They can be certified as a Safety Wizard, like Harry Potter. For more information: click here

F.I.R.E. Bowl:
The 2011 New Jersey Division of Fire Safety FIRE Bowel challenge is gearing up for yet another edition. Finalists have been selected, and this year's bowl features an annual Orientation at the Middlesex Fire Academy on March 31st.

The competition is scheduled for Wednesday May 18, at the Wilkins Theater at Kean University.

Bayonne has dominated in the past, but there is always a chance that a new champion may arise from the field of challengers in this classic battle of middle school student fire knowledge!

Come watch the competition! Bring an educator and perhaps your school can join in the fun next year.

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